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Patrick Bradley


Celebrating his tenth anniversary of independently recording and releasing his own divinely inspired albums – four powerful CDs in ten years time – multi-dimensional keyboard wizard Patrick Bradley proudly presents Intangible (due August 25 on Bradley’s own Patrick’s Song Factory Records). Intangible consists of 10 all original Bradley compositions co-penned and produced by Jeff Lorber, a contemporary keyboard legend since `77 who has worked with scores of music’s finest players yet has minted a kindred relationship with Bradley across his last three projects. Each outing has proven more daring, thrilling and challenging. Prepare for a groove-a-thon of trilingual takeoff via Southern California-native Bradley’s Hammond B3 organ, Moog synthesizer and electric piano stylings that coolly cross rock, jazz and R&B with fiery, funky mastery…and purpose.

“Music, creativity and whatever talents we each have are all gifts from God,” Bradley states. “Love, faith, hope – even music – are all intangible… Hence, the title of my new album. We spend so much of our time seeking physical and temporal things. I encourage us all to look beyond the physical universe and turn our hearts towards God.”

Patrick Bradley accomplishes His inspirational mission with instrumental firestorms that send spirits soaring. Intangible’s lead single is “Dear Friend” – a punchy, funky horns-fortified homage to artists that influenced Patrick’s bold, eclectic approaches to playing and composing music. Co-composed with Lorber (who also plays synth bass and second keys on the track), “Dear Friend” is a spirited tip of the hat to departed musical greats such as Keith Emerson, Chris Squire and Richard Wright on the Rock side, George Duke and Joe Sample on the Jazz side, and incomparable originals Allan Holdsworth and Jaco Pastorius who soared in genius realms all their own. The song celebrates friendship on multiple levels – spousal, communal and spiritual – while basking in the sun of musicians that paved the way for Patrick’s singular expression. “Their influence is woven throughout my musical experience, abilities and style,” Patrick shares. “Although I didn’t know them personally, I consider each a ‘Dear Friend’ for his musical impact in the world and on me personally. It was not my intent to emulate their styles but share gratitude towards them through where I am at musically today.” 

The music of Intangible is anchored by the core rhythm section of Jeff Lorber, Herculean bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Steely Dan, Tommy Bolin), ubiquitous guitarist Michael Thompson (Hans Zimmer, Bob James, Stewart Copeland) and rock bottom drummer Gary Novak (Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Lee Ritenour), horns by David Mann, plus two special guests.

Highlights of Intangible include a blues rock ode to craft beer “On Tap,” a devoted road cyclist’s musical hope for smooth sailing on the road of life “Tailwind” (featuring melodic trade-offs with guitarist Paul Jackson Jr.), the cool creepin’ Prog-Rock groover “Find the Way”(inspired by Bible verse John 14:6), the top down adventure seeking “Newport Coast” (featuring trumpeter Andrew Carney), a monster mash-up for organ, guitars and horns entitled “Destiny,” and a tightly woven tapestry of guitar and keys intricacies “Out of Bounds” reflecting Bradley’s credo of musical freedom without limits, constraints or boundaries.

At the heart of Intangible are its heartwarming sides “Funky Greens” (inspired by breathtaking fauna and flora of the Hawaiian isle of Kauai), the title track, and, most profoundly, the piano and Moog mover “Winds of Change.” Bradley muses,
The acceleration of change over the last decade has been incredible. Without a doubt, a polarization is happening throughout the world and in America in which race, religion, wealth, poverty, perceived status, media and politics all play a part. I love America and pray for our leaders regardless of political party. I hope you will join me in praying for our country. We need to unite, and love God and country.”

Self taught Patrick Bradley started his musical life at age 8 on a bargain basement organ, faithfully played in church for seven years, explored the Beatles and Elton John, then progressed into the headier thinking man’s rock of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Yes (Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman being major influences). He finally took classical music in college but caught the jazz-rock fusion A-train, latching fast to genre pioneers Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. Out of college, Patrick joined a 5-piece rock band called Joshua that released one album on Polydor Records entitled Surrender in 1986. Then at age 24, Patrick opted to focus on his wife and children. Today, in addition to his ever growing music career, Bradley is president of the Southern Pacific Region at Whole Foods Market.

Patrick recorded his debut CD Come Rain Or Shine (2006- produced by Allen Kaufman), the title track peaking at #26 on Billboard’s “Contemporary Jazz Singles” chart. After Dave Koz pointed Patrick in the direction of simpatico producer Jeff Lorber, the partners recorded Under the Sun in 2011 (#6 on the Smooth Indie Chart) followed by 2014’s acclaimed Can You Hear Me.

“My desire is to honor God through the gift of music He has given us all,” Bradley concludes. “Music can uplift the human spirit as well as posture us for worship and humble our very existence. All music has a piece of the artist within the songs. With each new project, I feel the need and responsibility to dig deeper…to be truer to the musician I am and aspire to be.”

For more information, please visit www.PatrickBradleyMusic.com.

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